Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Match the following body system with its function

integumentary system
A) supports and protects the body
urinary system
B) protects the body, detects sensations, and helps regulate body temperature
respiratory system
C) functions in body movement, posture, and heat production
reproductive system
D) produces gametes that unite to form a new organism, releases hormones that regulate associated body processes, and produces milk
digestive system
E) regulates body activities through hormones
muscular system
F) transports oxygen, nutrients, and carbon dioxide
nervous system
G) returns proteins and fluid to blood, carries lipids from the gastrointestinal tract to blood, and protects against disease-causing organisms
lymphatic and immune system
H) transfers oxygen from inhaled air to blood and carbon dioxide from blood to expired air
skeletal system
I) eliminates wastes and regulates the chemical composition and volume of blood
endocrine system
J) regulates body activities through nerve impulses
cardiovascular system
K) breaks down and absorbs food

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